Ghost of Tsushima's new trailers highlight combat and exploration

By Heidi Nicholas,
The day's almost here: Ghost of Tsushima launches tomorrow, July 17th — or today, if you're one of those lucky New Zealand players who can already start playing. Ghost of Tsushima is a hugely-anticipated game, and to ramp up the hype still further, there's three new Ghost of Tshushima trailers: one to highlight exploration, one for combat, and one being the launch trailer itself.

First up, the launch trailer recaps what we're already expecting from the game: a visually stunning recreation of feudal Japan, and Jin's solitary journey to exact revenge on the Mongol invaders who destroyed his home. Sucker Punch has previously spoken about how the team drew inspiration from samurai cinema, and we see this in glimpses of atmospheric one-on-one combat. "I swore to protect this island with my life," we hear Jin say. "Never once betraying my code... until today." One major part of the game will be Jin's struggle between his samurai training and his gradual adoption of the way of the Ghost.

The combat trailer again touches on what we know: Jin will have a variety of combat techniques. His samurai training lets him walk into enemy camps and challenge them to lethal, precise one-on-one combat. As the Ghost, he will use stealth, assassination, and distraction techniques. such as projectiles. Jin will adopt different stances for different enemy types, and deflect incoming arrows.

The exploration trailer shows off more of the Guiding Wind; a mechanic which links in to the game's overall aim to boost immersion as much as possible with a minimal HUD. You can summon the Guiding Wind to show you your path, and instead of a giant arrow or a lit-up road to follow, a breeze will instead gently ruffle the grass and trees in the direction you need to go. Jin will be making his way across Tsushima either on foot or on his horse: he'll have just the one horse, but you'll apparently be able to pick from a selection earlier on in the game. We also see glimpses of animals leading Jin to hidden locations: birds will guide him to points of interest, while foxes will lead the way to secret shrines.

If you're looking for anything related to Ghost of Tsushima to keep you going until tomorrow: last year, a free dynamic Ghost of Tsushima PS4 theme was made available, and according to Wario64, this might just be available again.

Last but definitely not least, we recently picked up the Ghost of Tsushima trophy list, so be sure to check that out.

Ghost of Tsushima releases tomorrow, July 17th.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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