Ghost of Tsushima's map features three regions and over 40 biomes

By Heidi Nicholas,
Sucker Punch gives new details on the Ghost of Tsushima map, and reveal that it's made up of three regions with over 40 biomes.

Ghost of Tsushima

Speaking on the latest PlayStation Blog, Sucker Punch's environment art lead Joanna Wang says "the map is divided into three regions filled with more than forty diverse Biomes and hundreds of points of interest", and that Ghost of Tsushima "is by far the biggest game we have ever made." The island in the game is a combination of "essential elements" from the real Tsushima, "inspirations from mainland Japan", and Sucker Punch's own unique version. Wang says the team visited Tsushima and "recorded birds and nature sounds and photo-scanned leaves from Tsushima island" to use in the game as "a way... to bring a little piece of the real island... to you."

"Our goal when building an open world game is always “if you can see it, you can reach it,” with as few exceptions as possible," says Wang. Previous screenshots have already shown us that the map will be made up of diverse regions ranging from mountains and the sea to bamboo forests and lush meadows, and Wang elaborates further: we'll see "boggy swamp lands... follow a string of torii gates to a forgotten shrine, assault a fortified castle, or find an abandoned fishing hut near the water." Trailers for the game gave a brief glimpse of different regions — each of which has its "own identity" — but this blog gives us the first details on a specific area. "For example, the healing town of Akashima is located in lowland wetlands. Moss hangs and grows on every surface, mist lingers above the ground, and incense burns near the great bell. You might even hear frogs croaking around you. It is mysterious and beautiful."

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima seems endlessly stunning, and looks like a beautiful final note as the PS4 era begins to give way to the PS5. There's only a few weeks to go now until it releases on July 17th — will you be picking it up? What's the first thing you plan to do? Let us know in the comments!
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