Deathloop devs say the game has you crash the "party that never ends"

By Heidi Nicholas,
The first Deathloop gameplay was revealed during Sony's PS5 "Future of Gaming" event and gave us a look at an intriguing premise: you're trapped in a timeloop and forced to fight your way out.

From the game's site, we know Deathloop is a first person shooter set on the island of Blackreef "where the fun never stops and every day is a celebration of debauchery and chaos". You play as Colt, who wants to break the loop. This can only be done by taking out the eight targets who keep the loop going, and since they're spaced out across Blackreef, you'll also have to learn about the island and its inhabitants and their schedules to ensure you can reach them all in time. Colt is, however, also the target of everyone else on the island, including Julianna Blake, another skilled assassin. She's also a playable character, and is determined to protect the loop. You'll play as Colt for the main campaign, but you can "infiltrate another player’s game as Julianna and do some hunting." Each will have their own strengths: Colt, for instance, "can make use of hacking devices and the possibility of returning when he dies" while "Julianna can take on the appearance of any NPC, and all of the island’s inhabitants are on her side".

Speaking to VG247, game designer Dinga Bakaba explains how this chaotic timeloop will impact gameplay. “You can really go crazy, go loud, go silent, explore as much as you want or be as fast as you want, but without missing out on the content." It seems as though you will have some leeway as to what you do each day: “You choose which district you want to go to, and what you want to do there... You can go and do some assassinations, or you can just go and explore a district where there are no targets." The island itself is a "strange place in the world": once an army base where "strange experiments have happened. There is something special on this island. But the people who are now living there... have invested in the island in order to be a party that never ends. A party at the end of time, forever.” As Colt, you will be "the ultimate party crasher".

To break this loop, you'll need to understand the island, and Bakaba says this "acquisition of knowledge, and understanding what’s happening on Blackreef, and... piecing together the puzzle, that’s the core of the game.” Colt has to observe the targets while trying to stay alive, and use this knowledge to escape: “So, trying to unpack all those things, learning a little bit more about the targets, what they do, who they are, what makes them tick, what are their weaknesses, etc, and trying to line them up perfectly, is the core of the game. One of the ways we like to call this is the murder puzzle. It’s like an inverted Cluedo. You have to make a perfect run, and you will need lots of knowledge and understanding.”

Deathloop will release as a console exclusive for the PS5 in Holiday 2020.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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