Kojima is teasing a new game which could be a Death Stranding sequel

By Sean Carey,
Hideo Kojima has begun teasing his next game, with some believing it could be a sequel to Death Stranding or a game set in the same universe. In a series of tweets and Instagram posts, the developer has been sharing concept art and his process for coming up with a new game with some noticeable nods to his previous title.

Over on Twitter, Kojima posted an image of some concept art that he had been working on. Eagle-Eyed Twitter followers spotted the word "Bridges" on the drawing. Bridges refers to the primary organisation in Death Stranding, and the protagonist Sam Bridges and his family. In another tweet, Kojima writes about his process for designing a new title with Yoji Shinkawa. Again, he shares some more concept art, this time with a doll of one of the creatures in the game, BB.

Kojima previously stated that he'd already begun working on his next game, but it was "still in the early planning stages". The game director has been known to tease fans like this before, especially without any real context. Kojima recently made a Death Stranding "coming soon" trailer which was in the same vein as the movie 1917, and many outlets believed it to be a tease.

Death Stranding will no longer be a PS4 exclusive, as the game launches on PC on July 14th.

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Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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