Ghost of Tsushima has gone gold ahead of July's launch

By Sean Carey,
Developer Sucker Punch has announced that its open-world samurai epic Ghost of Tsushima has now gone gold. The game will launch on PlayStation 4 on July 17th.

In a tweet, Sucker Punch's co-founder and producer Brian Fleming said, "It's done! Ghost of Tsushima is officially gold! I'm proud to be one member of an incredible team celebrating today! Our team kept our focus as we transitioned to work from home and never missed a beat. The result is an inspiring, exhilarating game we can't wait for you to play on July 17th!"

Sony's State of Play stream in May focused entirely on Ghost of Tsushima. We got to see some exciting new gameplay and learnt more about the game. Players can challenge enemies in one on one combat, or use deceit and underhanded tactics to lure enemies before assassinating or slaughtering them. Different combat stances have advantages and disadvantages against enemy types, and the main character can deflect arrows with his sword.

Ghost of Tsushima launches on Playstation 4 on July 17th.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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