Horizon Forbidden West is not a PS5 launch title

By Sean Carey,
Horizon Forbidden West will not be a PlayStation 5 launch title, instead Guerrilla Games will be targeting a 2021 launch for the sequel. Game Director Mathijs De Jonge revealed more information about the game in a new YouTube video.

According to De Jonge, the map in Forbidden West is a "bit bigger" than in Horizon: Zero Dawn. Players will explore a "mysterious new frontier" that stretches from Utah to the Pacific Ocean in the West. The map is slightly "wider and deeper", with players able to discover what lies beneath lakes and rivers. There will be a bunch of new machines to tackle as well as various tribes, both hostile and friendly. One of the biggest and most dangerous machines is the new mammoth-like Tremor Tusk, which is dangerous enough to encounter in the wild, but even more so when it's been outfitted with heavy armour by some of the tribes.

De Jonge says that Horizon Forbidden West will have "virtually no loading screens" thanks to the PS5's ultra-fast SSD. "If you open up the map and fast travel from one end to the other, restarting from a checkpoint will be super fast. When you start up the game, you'll be right there, in the action."

De Jong rounds off the video by saying, "We have been working very hard to create a worthy sequel, one that will hopefully appeal to all the fans but also newcomers to the franchise. We are aiming to release the game next year in 2021."

Horizon Zero Dawn launches on PlayStation 5 in 2021.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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