Disintegration trophy list revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Disintegration Trophy list.

There are 29 trophies, 4 of which are hidden (to reveal the details of the secret trophies, please use this link).

Disintegration ~ TitledHeroArt

Name Description
Job's Done Complete all other Trophy requirements. icon
School's Out Complete the training mission. icon
Sensory Upgrade Socket a chip on a crew member. icon
Battle Tested Complete a multiplayer match. icon
Happy Little Trees Craft a custom badge. icon
Suit Up Customize a multiplayer crew. icon
Side Quest Complete an optional campaign challenge. icon
Scan Man Use scan mode to identify 10 items. icon
Garbage Day Collect 1000 or more salvage in the campaign. icon
Tough Stuff Complete a multiplayer challenge. icon
Directorial Debut Get 20 kills using direct targeting in campaign. icon
Hidden Trophy Continue playing to unlock this trophy. icon
Hidden Trophy Continue playing to unlock this trophy. icon
Hidden Trophy Continue playing to unlock this trophy. icon
Hidden Trophy Continue playing to unlock this trophy. icon
Shell Shock Stagger 20 enemies with concussion grenades. icon
Timed Advantage Use your slow field on 20 enemies. icon
Death from Above Destroy 20 enemies with the mortar strike ability. icon
Smackdown! Destroy 20 enemies with the ground slam ability. icon
Maximum Gains Level up your crew to level 10. icon
The Mountaineer Complete all of the Mountain campaign chapter challenges. icon
Close Quarters Combat Complete all of the Urban campaign chapter challenges. icon
Lone Wanderer Complete all of the Desert campaign chapter challenges. icon
A Freezing Feeling Complete all of the Iceland campaign chapter challenges. icon
Storyteller Complete all campaign missions on Recruit difficulty or higher. icon
Completionist Complete all campaign challenges. icon
Keen Explorer Find all bonus salvage containers in the campaign. icon
Fully Loaded Upgrade every squad unit fully. icon
Historic Performance Complete any mission on Outlaw difficulty. icon
Disintegration is developed by V1 Interactive and published by Private Division, and is scheduled to be released on 16 June 2020.

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