The world of The Last of Us Part 2 is bigger "in every sense of the word" says Naughty Dog

By Heidi Nicholas,
The world of The Last of Us Part II "in every sense of the word is bigger than The Last of Us Part I", says co-game director Kurt Margenau, and this is shown both "in scale and the amount of physical space".

The Naughty Dog team has shared more info on the game's world in their latest video update. We know the game starts with Ellie in the more protected area of Jackson, before she heads to the more dangerous atmosphere of Seattle, and director Neil Druckmann's comments touch on this: "unless you're living in a protected area, there is something lethal around every corner", he says, adding that "each step of the way", Ellie is "putting herself in more and more danger".

When glimpsed in The Last of Us Part II reveals, Jackson looks to be a relatively comfortable, happy place. Characters are seen as relaxed and safe; even prosperous, and it's a bit of a contrast to the idea you might have when thinking of post-apocalyptic scenarios. Art director John Sweeney addresses this. Since the game is set later than the first, Sweeney says, we can see glimpses of people "rebuilding a life that doesn't revolve around killing people and scavenging". There's even electricity, since the town is powered by the hydroelectric dam generator.

The Last of Us Part II

From the rest of the trailers, it's clear this peace doesn't last. Violence still finds its way to Ellie, and once outside Jackson, she's back to fighting a range of enemies. "Our hope is to make every corner a challenge, make every decision hard for Ellie," says narrative lead Halley Gross. This manifests both in gameplay and level design, Gross adds, with hostile environments such as bad weather or "craggy cliffs". "You never know if the bullets in your gun are going to be enough, you never know if you can stop and bandage your arm", Gross says.

There's now just over two weeks to go until The Last of Us Part II is released on June 19th.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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