New The Last of Us Part II gameplay footage revealed — watch it here

By Heidi Nicholas,
Tonight's State of Play focused entirely on a 20-minute deep dive of The Last of Us Part II, and ended with almost ten minutes of new gameplay footage. Take a look in the video below.

There's no PS5 news to be gleaned from the video: it's exclusively about The Last of Us Part II, with Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann tuning in to discuss gameplay and story. There's just over three weeks until The Last of Us Part II releases on June 19th, so it could be this is the last in-depth look we'll have of the game before then, aside from any possible episodes of Naughty Dog's new video series, which has already covered "Inside the Story" and "Inside the Gameplay".

The Last of Us Part II has had a tricky time of it. After being delayed, the game suffered when major plot spoilers leaked online — a real blow to fans who had waited years for the sequel. Nevertheless, Naughty Dog announced the game had gone gold earlier in May, and pushed ahead with their new video series, new trailers, and now, with tonight's State of Play.

The last State of Play episode focused on Ghost of Tsushima, showing around 20 minutes of gameplay, and with tonight's episode, Sony has showcased the last two major games of the PS4 before it gives way to the PS5.

The Last of Us Part II releases in just over three weeks, on June 19th.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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