Hangman has finished and we have a brand new Community Challenge starting tomorrow

By Rich Stone,
The Hangman 2020 community challenge has been keeping lots of you busy over the last month, popping trophies to spell hidden phrases. As I'm sure you worked out, all the phrases for this challenge were game names, and we plugged 50 of them into the hangman generator when we extended the challenge to last for a whole month.

Nelson-Hellier completed 37 phrases and finished in first place, with both erod550 and hugomiguel2004 completing 29 each. Amazing effort!

Click here to see the full Hangman 2020 leaderboard.

We have a new Community Challenge starting tomorrow

On Thursday, the 28th May, we'll be starting a brand new Community Challenge. We aren't revealing any details just yet, but we wanted to give you an early heads up so you can get your game collection sorted out in time for it to start.

Setting up your Game Collection for contests and challenges

Many of the Contests and Community Challenges we run on TrueTrophies choose locked trophies from your Game Collection to build target trophy lists. This means that it's very important that you keep your Game Collection up to date so that we don't choose trophies from games that you no longer have access to.

Here's how to set up your Game Collection to prevent us choosing games you don't have any more:

Open your Game Collection page

Click on your gamer pic at the top of the page to open your Gamer Menu, and click the "Game Collection" link on the first tab.

Game Collection button on the gamer menuGame Collection button on the gamer menu

Go to list view, and make sure the "Not for contests" column is included

Click on the "View and Filter" button on your Game Collection page. To see all of your games that are currently included in contest selections, choose the following settings:
  • View - List view
  • Ownership - Owned, PS Plus
  • Contest status - For contests
  • Columns - Not for contests ticked
Note: If you don't have an active PS Plus subscription set up on TT, you don't need to choose that ownership status.

View and filter settingsView and filter settings

Edit the games you don't want to include

Then click the "Edit" button on any games you don't want to include and tick the Not for contests tickbox.

Note: If you don't own the game any more, you could just change the ownership status to "No longer have", which will also exclude them from being chosen.

Setting the Not for contests flagSetting the Not for contests flag

Top Tip: Using Multi-edit

If there are multiple games you want to change the status of, you can select the Multi-edit option from the "View and Filter" button, tick all the games you want to change, and then click Edit values to change them all at once. You can even go through all the pages before editing.

This week's challenge's options

You will have the following options when setting up the challenge this week:

  • The platform(s) you want to play on (from PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Vita)
  • Whether we include games in your collection that you haven't started yet
This means that if you don't want to play any PlayStation 3 games, you don't need to go through them all to set them to "Not for contests" - just don't include that platform when you register for the event.

I'll be back on Thursday with all the details for the new event!
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
Creator of TrueTrophies, TrueAchievements and TrueSteamAchievements. Loves racing games, not convinced by RPGs.