Big Dreams update adds a new gameplay pack and increased level cap

By Heidi Nicholas,
Media Molecule's latest update for Dreams adds in the Garden Gameplay Pack and an increase to the level limit, as well as a range of improvements and bug fixes.


The Welcome Garden Gameplay pack includes new platforms, enemies, gates and pickups. These can be used in create mode, and complement the previous Welcome Garden Art and Character packs. The level cap has also been increased to a maximum level of 999, and Media Molecule has added in an "Irrelevant" button to Community Jams, which players can use to flag unrelated jam content.

Update 2.11 also adds a "Recommended Dreamers" row to DreamSurfing to enable players to find more content, and updates DreamSurfing banners so that community creations can be highlighted more easily.

Earlier this year, Media Molecule released a roadmap for the game to showcase the various features in progress, as well as known issues and future ideas. The "features in progress" segment currently shows a "Welcome Garden Atmosphere pack", which will wrap up the Welcome Garden kit with mood and music elements. There's also an intriguingly named "Ancient Dangers kit" in progress, while the future part of the roadmap includes a wide range of plans, such as a new Time Gadget, online multiplayer, and homespace additions such as Magic Doors.

We'll update you when Media Molecule announces major new Dreams content.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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