Stellaris: Console Edition adds new trophies with huge title update and four new DLCs

By Sean Carey,
A new update for Stellaris: Console Edition has been pushed live today. Title Update 2.2.7 makes numerous changes to the game's core gameplay and lays the foundations for a number of new DLCs releasing throughout the rest of the year. There's quite a lot that's changed with this update, so it's worth heading over to the Stellaris forums to find out exactly what's changed.

Four DLCs are coming to the console edition. The first, Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn Story Pack, has been released today alongside the title update. This DLC adds a new storyline to the game and allows players to form an empire made up entirely of robots. The other DLCs, Megacorp, Distant Stars, and Apocalypse, don't yet have release dates.

All the new trophies added to the game can be found below:

Title Update 2.2.7

There are eight trophies, none of which are hidden.
Name Description
Does Not Compute Shut down the Contingency plan. icon
Emissary Explore a Natural Wormhole. icon
Citadel of Death Own a Citadel with 40k fleet power. icon
Imperial Highway Own four active Gateways. icon
Star Struck Own 200 Starbases (Outposts are counted). icon
Tradition is Everything Unlock all 42 Traditions. icon
Megapolis Have a planet with at least 100 Pops icon
Center of Trade Earn at least 1000 Energy Credits per month from trade icon

Synthetic Dawn

There are 4 trophies, none of which are hidden.
Name Description
Rise of the Machines As a Determined Exterminator, conquer or eliminate all biological Empires in the galaxy. icon
Distinctiveness Added As a Driven Assimilator, own cyborg Pops of at least five different species. icon
Retirement Home As a Rogue Servitor, own at least 10 Pops from Fallen Empires. icon
Planet of the Mechs Terraform a planet into a Machine World. icon


There are 5 trophies, none of which are hidden.
Name Description
Exterminatus Use a World Cracker to destroy another Empire's capital planet. icon
Clash of the Titans Defeat a Fallen Empire's Titan fleet with a Titan of your own. icon
Stay on Target Destroy another Empire's Colossus while it is in the process of firing on a planet. icon
Pandora's World Use a Global Pacifier to shield a planet belonging to Fanatic Purifiers, Ravenous Swarms, or Determined Exterminators. icon
No Khan Do Kill the Great Khan in battle. icon

Distant Stars

There are 5 trophies, none of which are hidden.
Name Description
Who Scraps the Scrapper Destroy the Scrapper Bot. icon
1999 A.D. Slaughter the Voidspawn. icon
A Hump Like a Snow-Hill Hunt the Tiyanki Matriarch. icon
It Followed Me Home Befriend a Space Amoeba. icon
...and Hope? Unseal the path to the L-Cluster. icon


There are 6 trophies, none of which are hidden.
Name Description
Franchising As a Corporate empire, have a branch office on 5 different empires' capitals. icon
Inscrutable Power I won the Galatron, and all I got was this lousy achievement. icon
Obscure Tastes Build a Mega-Art Installation in a nebula system icon
Black Hole Mining Build a Matter Decompressor icon
Strategic Initiative Build a Strategic Coordination Center icon
United Space Build an Interstellar Assembly icon

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