No, the PS5 release date hasn't been leaked as October

By Sean Carey,
A job listing that seemingly revealed an October release date for the PlayStation 5 has been confirmed to be a mistake. The listing posted over on the Japanese recruitment website Rikunabi, mentions in the job description that the "Playstation 5 [is] scheduled to be released in October 2020".

Sony PS5 October job listing

Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case. Sony Japan told Famitsu that the listing was an error by the recruitment website and the content wasn't written by Sony. All we know for sure is that the PS5 is coming at some point this Holiday.

The only other information we have on the PS5 is its full specs breakdown, including that 10.28TFLOPS GPU, and the latest on the DualSense controller with its adaptive triggers, haptic feedback and built-in microphone. A release date and price for the console still remain closely guarded secrets.

Sony recently unveiled the new PlayStation Studios brand. All first-party titles and PS5 exclusives will be labelled with the new PlayStation Studios logo.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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