Get Even, The Evil Within 2, and Rainbow Six Siege join PS Now this month

By Heidi Nicholas,
Sony has announced this month's additions for PlayStation Now: Get Even, The Evil Within 2, and Rainbow Six Siege "await on PS Now this month". Sony didn't include dates in their announcements, but these three titles are all presumably available to download and stream now.

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The PlayStation blog details these in full: "a trio of intense experiences await on PS Now this month. Razor-sharp reactions and teamwork are needed to win the day in Ubisoft’s tactical multiplayer title Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. In action horror The Evil Within 2, you’ll be plunged into a nightmarish town crawling with monstrosities. Meanwhile, thriller Get Even will challenge you to survive a mind-bending descent into corrupted memories." Although Sony usually includes dates for when these titles can be downloaded and streamed until, the only confirmed date on this announcement is that Rainbow Six Siege will be available to download and stream until November 2nd.

Get Even is a first person shooter with stealth and survival horror elements, in which Cole Black wakes up to find himself in an abandoned asylum, with the technology to replay his own memories, and the sole task of understanding his past. The Evil Within 2 is a third person shooter/action horror game in which Detective Sebastian Castellanos has to return into the world of STEM to rescue his daughter. Lastly, Rainbow Six Siege is a "deeply tactical, always tense multiplayer shooter".

Meanwhile, Marvel's Spider Man and Just Cause 4, both of which were added to PS Now last month, are still available to download and stream: the first until July 7th, the second until October 6th.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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