The Last of Us Part 2 major plot spoilers leak online

By Sean Carey,
Major story spoilers for The Last of Us Part II have been leaked online. According to several reports, a now-removed video was posted on various forums that featured gameplay footage and detailed numerous plot points of the game.

The Last of Us Part II E3 Screens

Although the video is no longer available, it was online and viewable for several hours. The leaks are now doing the rounds on various social media outlets and websites. The video showed footage from the game that could potentially spoil your experience. We won't be posting any of the spoilers on here, but take extra caution when browsing the internet as you could come across several plot points that might ruin the game for you. It might be worth muting keywords across social media websites as an extra precaution.

The leaks are reportedly from a disgruntled ex-naughty dog employee who left the company after a pay-dispute, although this has not been confirmed. We have reached out to Sony for comment on this.

The Last of Us Part II was due to launch in May but was delayed due to the current global pandemic and now sits without an official release date. Creative director, Neil Druckmann, said in a recent interview that the game is near to completion and that the Naughty Dog team is working on squashing out the remaining bugs and adding polish.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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