Recent reports suggest there could be a Horizon Zero Dawn trilogy

By Heidi Nicholas,
Horizon Zero Dawn is by far one of PlayStation's most popular recent exclusives, and fans have been hoping for a sequel seemingly ever since the game first released. Now, reports seem to suggest that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 could actually be part of a trilogy, in development for the PS5.

Horizon 2

These reports come from VGC, who say that "multiple sources" have spoken of "ambitious plans" for the Horizon Zero Dawn series. The possibility of future content for the game has always been made clear: the ending of Horizon Zero Dawn left the story open for a sequel, and a Horizon Zero Dawn comic is set to release this summer. Although there'll be a free one-off prequel issue a few months earlier, the comic book series itself will be set after the events of the main game. A summer release date for this series would be perfectly timed both to reignite interest for the franchise, and to serve as a reminder of what's happened so far.

As VGC notes, Shawn Layden — former chariman of Worldwide Studios before his departure last year — addressed the constant interest in the HZD franchise. Speaking to The Telegraph, he said that Herman Hulst — previously managing director of the Horizon Zero Dawn studio, Guerrilla Games, and now the new head of Worldwide Studios — has "a very keen mind" with his plans for Horizon and the franchise's roadmap, and that "that roadmap is expressed in multiple years". Layden added that "I think we'll be in the Horizon business for a long time". A continuance of the franchise makes a lot of sense: Horizon Zero Dawn remains hugely popular, as does its excellent Frozen Wilds expansion.

The world of Horizon Zero Dawn was already huge in size and complexity, but these reports apparently indicate that the game is "'gigantic' in scope", with "a larger game world and more freedom to explore". The reports also seemed to suggest that development of a sequel would be focused on the PS5 — and that the sequel might have co-op capability. A sequel would presumably continue with Aloy as the protagonist, and so it's not clear how co-op would work. Perhaps, if hunting grounds were again included, it could be a co-op mode for players to complete together.

There's been no official announcements of a sequel or trilogy from Guerrilla Games or PlayStation, but from Layden's comments about Hulst's roadmap, and the massive success of the first Horizon Zero Dawn, it seems more than possible that multiple Horizon games could be on the way. From the sound of these reports, it might perhaps be some time before we hear more of them — but the timing of the release of the Horizon comic book series, right before the release of the PS5 itself, bode well that perhaps an announcement might not be long behind.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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