The battle system has been "completely reworked" for the Final Fantasy VII Remake

By Heidi Nicholas,
The devs for the FINAL FANTASY VII Remake have released a new video update, where they go into detail about combat, discuss the popularity of action themes in games, and describe how they've "completely re-worked" the battle system for the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase says "the battle system has been completely re-worked", commenting that the original Final Fantasy VII used the ATB, or Active Time Battle, system. Director Tetsuya Nomura, who works on Concept Design, adds that "action is very much the mainstream style for games right now" and that to make the game as enjoyable as it could be, and to give it the desired atmosphere, they wanted to add real-time controls. As a result, Naoki Hamaguchi, Co-Director of Game Design and Programming, says that the battle system of the remake is now "an amalgam of the action and menu-based battle mechanics", and that the new system was created by considering how the original game's ATB system would look, if it had been created now. "I felt that players had to be able to expereince all the elements that were in the original game", adds Battle Director Teruki Endo.

The devs continue to discuss the difficulties of finding a balance between fans of the original game's turn-based RPG systems, and fans of games with more action. "Getting that action versus command balance right was very tricky," continues Kitase. "The team put in a lot of trial and error. The result of that hard work is Tactical Mode." This mode slows time and allows more freedom to pick commands. "There is also the option to play in a more action-like style with customised shortcut controls", Kitase adds.

The free Final Fantasy VII Remake demo is still available on the PlayStation Store, if you're looking to try it out before it releases next week, on the 10th of April.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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