Nioh 2 update adjusts sub-missions difficulty and fixes bugs

By Sean Carey,
An update has rolled out for Team Ninja's Nioh 2 that makes difficulty changes to nine of the games sub-missions. Update 1.07 also fixes several bugs and some other minor fixes.

The mission difficulty has been adjusted for the following sub-missions: A Favor for the Blacksmith, The Greedy Hunter, The Sunomata Yokai Hunt, The Viper and the Butterfly, The Brothers' Blades, The Burning Sky, Scattered Fragments, Calling on the Fire God and The Dreams End. Team Ninja doesn't specifically say that the difficulty is being made easier, but comments from Twitter and other forums suggests that is the case.

Team Ninja has also weekend the attacks of some non-boss enemies. Some enemies would kill the player in one hit despite being above the suggested level. Shibata Katsuie's attacks that are hard to dodge have been weakened, and the drop rate of Smithing Text and The Art of Combat has been buffed.

Update 1.07 also makes numerous bug fixes — all of which can be read in the Twitter post above. The update is available to download now.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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