The Resident Evil Resistance open beta is back up for PS4 players

By Heidi Nicholas,
The open beta for Resident Evil Resistance went live last week, but technical issues meant it's been delayed since then for PS4 players. The devs have now confirmed that it's back up and available once again.


Game Director Al Yang shared the news on Twitter (thanks, GameSpot) and said that players will need to update to the latest version — specifically version 1.01 — for the open beta to work. Peter Fabiano, Producer and founder of Global Production at Capcom, added that restarting the application should sort out any further issues. This does mean that PS4 players have missed out on a few days with the demo — including the chance to play it last weekend — which ends on the game's release day. On the plus side, that release day is now only a few days away, and there's not long to wait to play the game in full on April 3rd.

The demo for Resident Evil 3 is still ongoing, so there's now the chance to get in some time with both Resi 3 and the online Resident Evil Resistance before both games release this Friday.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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