"Cosmic-horror" FPS Quantum Error is in development for both the PS4 and PS5

By Heidi Nicholas,
TeamKill Media are developing cosmic-horror FPS, titled Quantum Error, planned for release on both the PS4 and the PS5. The devs haven't revealed much yet, but this brief teaser trailer gives a glimpse of what to expect.

The devs say that this is still a work in progress, and that it will "only look better and better" as they progress with development. The game is at present only planned for PlayStation and as a single-player experience. While the trailer consists of PC footage, the devs also say that the game is expected to run at 4K 60fps on the PS5. The Quantum Error team have been sharing tiny snippets of information about the game on their Twitter account, and say, in a tweet about testni the collision sounds for objects such as grenades, that "99.9% of objects" in the game "will be physically simulating."

The trailer gives little away, except that it's apparently set on Earth, in the year 2109, at the Farallon Islands. The unknown narrator gives another hint, saying that "the key to our advancement does not lie in the heavens, but instead, below. Deep beyond the bounds of Space." The narration then cuts out to what is presumably the player character, as warning sirens blare and tiny creatures scuttle around bodies. There's a brief second near the end where the character's gearing up to fight whatever's coming through the door, and we see a split-second view of a crowd of what seems to be humanoid creatures, all with the same leaning, zombie-like posture, before they lunge. TeamKill Media says to stay tuned for more news, and we'll update you when they reveal more.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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