Crossplay for World War Z on PS4 to arrive at a later date

By Sean Carey,
The Crossplay Update for World War Z is now live. However, cross-platform play is only available between Xbox One and PC players. Those on PlayStation will have to wait a little longer with the PS4 update coming "at a later date." The update also adds a new mission objective, weapon variants and makes several balance changes.

The developers have unfortunately not specified a reason as to why the update doesn't include PS4 or given a solid date for when the feature will be added. In previous tweets and blog posts, the development team did not specifically mention that crossplay wouldn't be coming to PS4 alongside Xbox One and PC players.

Although PS4 players can't make use of crossplay, the update does add a new mission objective which involves carrying a virus sample to the end of a mission. According to the patch notes, Virus Samples can be picked up from AI Director and from Carrying them to the end of a mission will get you increased rewards, however, they are extremely fragile and will apply negative effects to you should they break. Also included in this update are some new weapon variants. The Pistol, Machine Pistol, Classic Battle Rifle, Battle Rifle and Thumper Grenade Launcher have all been added.

Horde mode has seen a few changes too. The crossplay update slightly reduces the difficulty in Hard mode and significantly reduces it in Normal mode. In Normal, a smaller number of Special Zombies will spawn, the preparation timer between rounds has been upped by 20%, and more random pickups have been added. You can view the full list of changes on the World War Z forums

The crossplay update is available to download now.

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Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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