Media Molecule details a roadmap for Dreams, including ideas for future updates

By Heidi Nicholas,
Media Molecule's ambitious sandbox Dreams released to high praise back in February. Now, the devs have unveiled a new, evolving roadmap of their plans for the game, where they'll show everything from game issues to new ideas.

Dreams Key Art

The roadmap's been posted on Trello, and Media Molecule say they'll be "keeping you up to date with the current goings-on in the Dreamiverse". Their roadmap will show everything from features in progress, known issues, bug fixes in progress, what's to come in the next update, and their ideas for the future.

Media Molecule has a number of features in progress. While none yet have a release date, they all represent features "in active development". Listed among these are a free update to implement VR support, an as-yet unexplained Ancient Dangers kit, a Welcome Garden Mood Pack including elements for music and atmosphere, a Welcome Garden Gameplay Pack for a "collection of contraptions", a Welcome Garden Character Pack including a pre-made NPC and some enemy characters, and a new base puppet type.

Meanwhile, their ideas for the future include Magic Doors for Homespaces, which will provide a link both to other creators and their Homespaces, as well as any creations of your choice; customisable playlists, and more Imp features.

It seems Media Molecule plans to update this roadmap frequently, so that it can always be checked for the current progress of the game. We'll let you know when they have more concrete details on future additions.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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