Big PS5 news is coming tomorrow with Mark Cerny revealing the console's specs

By Sean Carey,
Yesterday, Xbox dropped a bucket load of information about the Xbox Series X including specs, features and details about the bundled controller. Not wanting to be left out, PlayStation has announced that it too will be revealing specs for its new console, the PS5 in either a live stream or a series of videos over on PlayStation Blog.

According to a tweet from the official PlayStation Twitter account, Mark Cerny, the PS5's lead system architect will be providing a "deep dive" into the console's architecture and what that means for the next generation of games.

News on the PlayStation 5 has been somewhat sparse. The only real information we've had was when Sony spoke to Wired back in October and confirmed that the console would have ray-tracing, an SSD and the controller would feature haptic feedback. Since then, all we've had is an underwhelming logo reveal and a bunch of leaked devkits and rumours.

Whether it's going to be a live stream or a series of preprepared videos, you'll be able to tune in over on PlayStation Blog from 9 AM PT/12 PM ET/4 PM GMT.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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