The pinball-inspired hack and slash Creature in the Well comes to PS4 this month

By Sean Carey,
The pinball-inspired hack and slash, Creature in the Well is getting a PS4 release and comes to the console on March 31st. The game has already been released on Xbox One, Windows and the Nintendo Switch where it has received decent reviews.

As detailed over on PlayStation Blog, you play as the last remaining robot engineer who is responsible for the upkeep of ancient weather machine. The machine is hidden deep inside a mountain and was built to protect the nearby city of Mirage; however, the machine has been taken out of action for centuries due to an evil Creature. Players will explore eight dungeons with the developers describing the gameplay as "pinball with swords." Players charge up energy orbs and bounce them around rooms to unlock the next dungeon.

Creature in the Well has garnered some favourable reviews since its release. On Metacritic, the game currently sits at an aggregated score of 78.

We don't have a trophy list just yet, but it's more than likely that the trophies will be the same as the achievements found over on TA. Check out the Creature in the Well achievement list here to see what you'll more than likely be coming up against.

Creature in the Well launches on PS4 on March 31st.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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