UPDATE: The first Control DLC launches later this month

By Sean Carey,
UPDATE: Remedy has dropped a trailer for The Foundation. The trailer confirms that the expansion is, in fact, a limited-time exclusive for the PS4. PlayStation 4 owners will get access to the DLC on March 26th; three months earlier than those on Xbox One.

ORIGINAL STORY: The first expansion for Control comes to the game later this month. The Foundation launches on March 26th and will see Jesse venture beneath the Bureuea to restore order to the Oldest House. When the expansions were first detailed, The Foundation was listed as a limited-time PS4 exclusive.

The announcement was made over on the Control twitter account. The teaser trailer mentions Helen Marshall, the head of operations for the Bureau who disappears at the conclusion of the game. We then hear Jesse and security chief Arish in conversation with Jesse saying, "Marshall's been missing for a while now. Any ideas where she could be?" Arish replies that she was last seen down in maintenance and that she "had to go check on something."

Not much else is known about the upcoming expansion, other than it will explore the history of the Oldest House and players can expect things to "get weird," according to an earlier Control blog post.

Remedy's communications director, Thomas Puha has said along with The Foundation DLC, Control will get an improved map and quality of life improvements.

A second expansion for Control is also coming later this year. The AWE expansion is believed to have a strong connection to Alan Wake and will be releasing mid-2020.

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