It seems Kojima hopes Death Stranding will have a different reception in future

By Heidi Nicholas,
After years of suspense, Death Stranding at last launched towards the end of 2019 to a mix of reviews and a range of opposing opinions. Those who loved it really loved it, and those who weren't so sold didn't hold back on what they thought was missing in the game. Kojima's comments in a recently published interview touch on the less favourable reviews, and suggest he hopes to see the game meet with a different reception in the future.

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In an interview with the NY Times, Kojima mentioned the disparity in reviews. “In America, they’re used to shooters, so they don’t gulp it down...It’s OK; everyone can evaluate what they want", Kojima said. “In three to five years, we will see what people will say.”

Death Stranding was in development for years. Kojima's involvement was enough to generate a huge amount of excitement, but as the release date drew nearer and he released more and more incomprehensible trailers and teasers, anticipation rose still higher. The less the trailers and Kojima's own cryptic comments explained the game, the more players had to know what it was about. Yet even when it released, it met with some bafflement. Reviewers praised its cinematic quality, huge scope, and themes of connection. The reviews were, overall, positive, but some said that it lacked things to do, and mentioned long periods of simply sending the game's protagonist on long walks through different environments. The interviewer noted Kojima's detailed knowledge of every review the game received, and our own Death Stranding review roundup showed a similar array of opinions.

Perhaps, as Kojima mentions, this is a game which will be viewed very differently after half a decade or so. It certainly seems to stand apart from other games, and Kojima's comments about a Death Stranding sequel suggest any future instalments in the franchise could also be something completely unexpected. Did you enjoy Death Stranding? Will it be viewed differently in later years? Let us know what you think in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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