Mysterious Star Wars Project Maverick game appears on PlayStation Store

By Sam Quirke,
A store-scraping Twitter bot – one we haven't heard about until today – claims to have discovered a new Star Wars game on the EU PlayStation Store. It's called Project Maverick, and the scraper provided one title image from the store.

Project Maverick

We honestly don't know what to make of this one. While it could easily be mocked up nonsense, we can't ignore that the Twitter account has been given a potential vote of credibility by Gamstat, the account responsible for Resident Evil 3 and FF7 demo leaks in recent months. We say "potential vote of credibility", because all Gamstat actually did was acknowledge the bot's existence and speculate that a new method of scraping might be bearing fruit.

Still, we know that EA is working on a couple of projects. As well as a further canned Star Wars project codenamed "Viking" that was discovered about a month back, we also know that EA Motive is working on some "smaller" project. Speculation is wild about what this small project could be, but with the background image of X-Wings taking on a Star Destroyer and that potential Top Gun reference in the code name, the prevailing theory is that this could be a return to the Rogue Squadron glory days.

This all needs to be taken with a huge pinch of salt, though. It'd be weird for a full game – complete with a full logo and graphic, yet still operating under a code name – to just be hanging around in the PlayStation Store. Perhaps this could be a significant update to Battlefront II, or something altogether different like a VR experience. Whatever it is, hopefully we will hear more about it in the coming days.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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