Kojima Productions is teasing something for next week

By Sean Carey,
It looks like Kojima Productions has something to announce next week. A tweet from the official Kojima Productions account features an image of the head of communications, Aki Saito. In the picture, he's sitting at a desk with a notepad placed in front of him. If you look closely, you can make out the words, "next week" scribbled on the pad.

The tweet was followed up by an image of the company's global head of marketing and communications, Jay Boor on a video call with Saito.

Perhaps we could be getting some news on a potential Death Stranding DLC. There has been no official word on a DLC for Kojima's latest work; only rumour and speculation from various sources online. It could also be more information on the upcoming PC release which is due to launch sometime this summer.

Last week, Kojima released a new Death Stranding trailer in the style of Sam Mendes' movie, 1917. Kojima captioned the tweet with a vague "Coming 2020," leaving the trailer open to interpretation on whether he was teasing something, or just paying homage to the movie.

Hopefully, we should have some more news on Saito's tease next week.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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