*Updated* PlayStation confirms Shadow of the Colossus is heading the PS Plus March lineup

By Heidi Nicholas,
Updated: PlayStation confirms that Shadow of the Colossus and Sonic Forces are the two games arriving for the PS Plus service in March. Both titles will be available from March 3rd until April 6th.

Original story:
February's additions to PlayStation Plus were pretty sizeable. The service usually gets two games a month, but February combined the three games included with Bioshock: the Collection and the Sims 4 for four games, with Firewall Zero Hour as a fifth for those with PSVR. If this recent leak is to be believed, March's PS Plus additions won't be so numerous, but will include the pretty sizeable Shadow of the Colossus, along with Sonic Team's platformer Sonic Forces.

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This info comes via Nibel on Twitter, who spotted a Reddit post showing an advert for PlayStation Plus games apparently arriving in March. The ad's in Polish, but says the games should drop on the 3rd. This is by no means an official announcement, and PlayStation hasn't said anything themselves, so this advert should be taken with a sizeable pinch of salt — especially remembering that the PS Plus service can differ across various regions.

Shadow of the Colossus is an action adventure PlayStation exclusive. Players travel across an ancient and ruined land with only a sword and bow to defend themselves against its massive Colossi. These huge creatures have a strange power, which the player needs to take in order to save Mono's life. It stands apart from other action adventure game because of the lack of dungeons and other characters; the land is dominated solely by the Colossi. If the ad is correct and this is what PS Plus members will be getting in March, it'll present them with an adventure which will, according to our site, take roughly 20-25 hours to complete.

Sonic Forces is a platformer. Dr. Eggman is in league with a new villain, Infinite, and Sonic has to raise an army to defeat them. Players can take control of Classic Sonic or Modern Sonic, or create their own custom character, in the fight against Dr. Eggman and Infinite. It has an estimated completion time of around 15-20 hours.

The ad says these two titles will arrive in March. Again, PlayStation hasn't said anything official themselves, so we can't yet take it as certain that these two titles will be the next to arrive for PS Plus. We'll let you know when we find out more.
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