New patent suggests the PS5's controller could monitor a player's sweat and heart rate

By Sean Carey,
Sony could be implementing biofeedback in the PS5's controller. The filing discovered by RespawnFirst details a sensor attachment that can be placed on a gamepad to measure such things as heart rate and sweat.

Patent biofeedback PS5 controller

The patent published on February 20th, shows an image of a sleeve wrapped around a DualShock 4. However, the patent specifies this can be used for any controller and isn't limited to the DS4. Sensors are placed in this sleeving that can monitor a user's sweat and heart rate. According to the filing, the data collected via these sensors can be used to adapt a player's game difficulty or overall experience. The patent gives an example of someone playing a horror title, with the sensors picking up how frightened the player might be and adjusting factors such as the number of enemies, lighting levels and even sound to make the player feel more at ease.

Of course, companies like Sony patent technology like this all the time, with most not seeing the light of day. It does, however, give us an interesting look at what Sony might be working on. Another patent was recently found that shows a VR controller with finger tracking, similar to that of the Valve Index controller.

Source: RespawnFirst via VGC
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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