Game Freak's Little Town Hero is getting a western PS4 release this June

By Sean Carey,
Little Town Hero a game created by Pokémon developer, Game Freak is getting a PlayStation 4 release. The RPG is currently only available on Nintendo Switch in the west, but for those with a PS4, the game will be getting a physical version.

Little Town Hero is about a young boy called Axe who has ambitions to leave his village and explore the world beyond. Axe finds a stone that "mysteriously manifests his ideas" and has to use his imagination to repel sudden monster attacks against his town while searching for the truth behind the attacks. An all-new Easy Mode has been introduced with the new edition that lowers the attack and defence of enemies.

The game has received mixed reviews over on Metacritic garnering an aggregated 64 Metascore.

The Little Town Hero: Big Idea Edition comes with an art book, lapel pin set and official soundtrack CD which is composed by Undertale developer Toby Fox.

In the US, the Big Idea Edition launches on June 2, while those in the EU can pick up the game a few days later on June 5.

Source:PlayStation Blog
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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