The new launch trailer for Dreams gives a glimpse of what players can do

By Heidi Nicholas,
Dreams is Media Molecule's ambitious game releasing tomorrow, February 14th. It's labelled as an adventure game, but this seems to be a very loose definition; Dreams is all about letting players create whatever they want: animation, movies, music, paintings, or more games. Its new launch trailer gives a brief glimpse of what you'll be up to.

Dreams has had a fair few trailers and screenshots, but it seems to be pretty hard to describe a game where you can, in theory, do anything. The game gives the player the tools to make what they want, share it with other players, and try out their creations too. For anyone feeling a little overwhelmed about where to start, there'll be a story mode made up of three interconnecting narratives, which should give a good head start. The devs say it's made from the same tools that players will use; when you play the story mode, you're seeing what kind of things the game is capable of. The three parts of the story are made up of a noir-themed section about the tortured imagination of a man named Art, a sci-fi action segment about a robot named D-Bug, who lives in a digital forest overrun by a virus, and a puzzle, platforming, "childhood horror" themed portion about three friends, in which Francis and Foxy have to save Lancewing.

Another trailer released last week shows off what kind of things the game can do when players take control. In a level called "Ruckus", a creature that looks like a more adorable version of Godzilla has to wreak havoc and destroy a city before the missiles are dropped on him. He can eat boats, shoot lasers out of his mouth, and climb buildings.

Dreams has been in Early Access for a while now. Early Access players were able to unlock the full version a little earlier, on February 11th. For everyone else, the full version of the game releases tomorrow, February 14th.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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