Kojima Productions announce two Death Stranding charity items to help efforts in Australia

By Heidi Nicholas,
Kojima Productions have added two new pieces of Death Stranding merch to their store: the Connect for Australia T-Shirt and Avatar. Proceeds will be donated to the Australian branch of the RSPCA.

Connect for Australia

The t-shirt's going for £25.00, and the Avatar for £1, although the store gives you the option to donate more for the avatar, which is available to buy until February 29th. Once players have bought it, they'll be sent a product code via email — which can be used until March 31st — to redeem the avatar in the PlayStation store. All proceeds from both products will go the the Australian RSPCA. The Australian PlayStation Twitter account has already tweeted their gratitude about Kojima Production's contributions:

Kojima Productions is the latest in a line of gaming companies coming forward to donate towards the efforts in Australia. Last year, we saw Infinity Ward renaming the Outback Pack in Modern Warfare to the Outback Relief Pack, and donating the net proceeds to combat the bushfires. Ubisfot Australia donated AU$30,000 to the Australian Red Cross. Bungie donated profits from their Guardians for Australia to two groups: WIRES, the largest wildlife rescue organisation, and the New South Wales Rural Fire Service. Other studios joined in too; Crytivo, the devs behind The Universim, promised that 100% of the net proceeds from Crytivo store sales of the game would go towards the efforts, along with 30% of proceeds from Steam sales. More recently, many devs and publishers around the world began hosting charity auctions for collector's editions of their games: Warhorse Studios, for instance, auctioned off the physical Royal Edition of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

There's no specific date for how long the Connect for Australia T-Shirt will be available in the store, but it will presumably be the same as the Avatar, which is available to buy until February 29th.

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