Dungeon crawler Below is coming to PS4 this Spring

By Heidi Nicholas,
Update: CapyGames have now confirmed that Below will come to PS4 this Spring with an announcement video.

Original story: A video announcing that Capybara Games's dungeon crawler title Below was ending its Microsoft exclusivity and coming to PS4 appeared earlier today. The video, which had said the game would arrive in Spring along with a new Explore mode, was up only briefly before being taken down and made private. Capy haven't yet made any announcement about either the video's appearance, or the fact that it was so suddenly removed.


Below is a survival/dungeon crawler game set in the labyrinths under The Isle. The Depths are full of traps, beasts, secrets, passageways, and a strange presence; and the player's only goal is to survive long enough to discover what's below. The labyrinths are randomly generated and the game is merciless: scavenging, resource gathering and crafting all help towards surviving the hazards of The Depths for just a little longer, but perma-death lurks behind every corner.

Or, at least, it did; some players might prefer a more lenient experience, and it seems Capy had those players in mind when designing the Explore mode detailed in the video, which does away with one-hit kills and some of the survival mechanics. In Explore mode, players no longer have to deal with hunger and thirst and, instead of being killed instantly, damage will cause players to lose health through bleeding, giving them some extra time to get to safety. Explore would also apparently establish bonfires as permanent checkpoints for players to return to after dying. This would seem to mitigate the game's stressful atmosphere a little, although there's still the mysterious presence to contend with. According to the video, the Explore mode would arrive on PS4 along with the original "Survive" mode, so players could choose between the original Below experience and the slightly less stressful Explore mode.

There's been no comment on the video or its disappearance as yet, so we'll have to wait for Capy to make an official announcement. It looks hopeful, however, that PS4 players can begin spelunking through Below sometime in Spring. We'll keep you posted.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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