Leap Frog 2020

By Rich Stone,
After the success of the LinkFrog Event which we ran in 2019, we thought we'd continue the frog theme with another Leap Frog Event on TT! This time we're basing it on TT Ratio, and have an event duration of two weeks.

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What is Leap Frog?

The contest will begin at 12 noon UTC on Monday February 10th and lasts until 11am UTC on Monday February 24th. To register, all you need to do is head over to the Leap Frog 2020 hub and hit the "Register Now" button.

Once registered, the goal of the contest is simple; you need to earn one trophy above the required TT Ratio before the daily period ends.

On day one, the required ratio will be 1, and it then increases by 0.2 daily until the event finishes. Failure to earn a trophy with the required ratio in the 24-hour time period will result in elimination from the competition.

All those who make it to day 8 of the contest (unlocking a min 2.2 ratio trophy from day 7) will receive a Community Challenge badge rank for their efforts.

In addition, the top 3 gamers still in the contest at the end of the two week period will receive a prize. Leaderboard positions will be determined by their highest ratio trophy unlocked throughout the contest. In the event of a tie, the second highest ratio'd trophy will count.

Which Trophies Count?

All trophies earned and scanned into TT will count for this contest.

Useful Links

Leap Frog 2020 Hub - For registration and a full list of the contest rules.
Leap Frog 2020 FAQs
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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