New Death Stranding update allows you turn off the annoying BT encounter animation

By Sean Carey,
A new patch has rolled out for Death Stranding with a feature that allows you to turn off one of the most annoying animations in the game. Now you'll be able to select in the settings menu if you want the BT encounter animation warning to appear every time you come across a group of BTs or only for the first time.

If you're unsure what the BT encounter warning is, every time Sam Porter Bridges comes up against the invisible enemies (BTs) in Death Stranding, a short cutscene plays out. Sam's Odradek scanner springs to life from his shoulder and begins surveying the area, highlighting BTs. The problem here is that animation would play out no matter how many times you'd encounter a BT — even backtracking out of the area and walking back in would play the same animation. Ultimately it ruins immersion and the flow of the game. Several players across various forums have requested the feature, and after three months, Kojima Productions has delivered the goods.

Apart from the BT encounter warning change, various performance improvements have been made, but what those improvements are haven't been detailed. The last few major updates we saw come to Death Stranding allowed for players to delete vehicles that had been left blocking entrances and roads, while the Odradek received a change allowing for it to be viewed from all angles and Death Stranding's tiny text issue was resolved.

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Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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