#MyDecadeOnPlayStation – check out your PlayStation stats for the whole of the 2010s

By Rich Stone,
We have a lot of awesome PlayStation gaming data here at TrueTrophies, and we like to do some pretty cool things with it.

So we've created #MyDecadeOnPlayStation - a personalised infographic containing detailed stats on your PlayStation gameplay throughout the 2010s. We've collated a wealth of information on the games you played, even estimating their price at the time of launch.

Head to our MyDecadeOnPlayStation page, and we'll build you an awesome picture you can easily share on your social accounts, or even print out and pin to your wall!

If you're signed in to TrueTrophies, your Decade on PlayStation will appear straight away. If you don't have an account, just head to the registration page and create one for your PSN ID. As soon as we've scanned your profile we'll generate a graphic of your gaming career from 2010-2019.

Here's an example infographic for TT GameInfo Editor Slayer1189:

We hope you enjoy this summary of your trophy-hunting decade on PlayStation!
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
Creator of TrueTrophies, TrueAchievements and TrueSteamAchievements. Loves racing games, not convinced by RPGs.