Nioh 2's new trailer arrives tomorrow

By Heidi Nicholas,
Nioh 2 details have been few and far between. A reveal in June 2018 was followed by a pre-order trailer the year after; and now, we're finally getting some new footage in the form of a new trailer scheduled for tomorrow, January 23rd.

A quick look at the official Twitter account for the game gives a time for the trailer reveal as 10pm JST, and directs fans to watch the trailer premiere here. It's likely that Team Ninja will also provide an update in English for when Nioh fans can watch the trailer, and where. We still don't know much about what we can expect about Nioh 2. It's an action RPG about a samurai warrior who is half-human, half-supernatural. It's set in Sengoku-era Japan, a time of great military conflict, and in the Dark Realm. We don't have details of any one particular main character, as Nioh 2 has character customisation, but the player will be able to transform into a full Yokai to fully utilise their paranormal abilities. Players can follow the way of the samurai with swords and hatchets, or rely on their Yokai powers, filling their Amrita gauge to increase weapon stats and apply buffs. If you're really in a pinch, you'll also be able to call on the spectres of other Nioh 2 players to back you up, at which point they'll join you until defeat — or the end of the level.

Nioh 3

There's a standard and digital deluxe edition available from the PlayStation store, or a standard or special edition to buy physically. Those who buy the digital standard edition for £54.99, if they buy before March 27th, will still get pre-order bonuses: the Demon Horde armour set, Sudama Netsuke charm, a PS4 theme, and a PSN avatar set. Meanwhile, those who buy the digital deluxe version for £74.99 will, along with the pre-order bonuses, get all of the digital deluxe edition content, including the Season Pass, Demon Horde weapons to go with the Demon Horde armour, the Kodama Netsuke charm, a PS4 theme and a PSN avatar set.

We'll update you with news of the new Nioh 2 trailer.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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