*Updated* A full trailer for Godfall has been leaked

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Updated: The Godfall Twitter account has confirmed that the six-second clip and the full trailer it comes from are year-old PC footage, which had been used for an internal presentation; explaining why it never made it out to the public. They further comment on how enthusiastic they are about "just how far this game has come", and promise a more detailed look "soon".

Original story:
Godfall is the first PS5 title to have been announced, and is effectively our first look at what the next generation of console has to offer. It's a looter-slasher from indie studio Counterplay Games, but aside from that, we haven't seen too much detail about this next-gen game. One Reddit user posted a short, six-second clip, claiming that it was a brief look at the footage of an unreleased trailer. Now, that same Reddit user has leaked a full version of the same trailer. To reiterate, this is a leaked trailer, not an official reveal, and the Reddit user who posted it claims that it's not recent footage, but an early 2019 teaser.

[Godfall] [Video] - Full Internal Early 2019 Teaser. Metacritic Journos Scores are a Joke, No this Teaser does not Represent the End Quality. Remember "Get woke go broke" from r/PS4

As with the short clip posted earlier, Reddit users were quick to note in the comments that the footage didn't represent what they hoped to see from the finished game. The original poster, who doesn't say where they got this footage, emphasises that it doesn't actually represent the end quality of the game, but is an unused teaser from early last year. The leaked trailer shows a little of the world, combat, and style of Godfall. It seems there's some slow and heavy combat reminiscent of Dark Souls, but unlike a Soulsborne game, the world itself looks to be bright and colourful. If the Soulsborne games feature ruined cities and civilisations, the game world in this looks like when those cities were at their height. We see the player-character using overlarge weapons, which wreathe his enemies in blue and red fire. The enemies themselves seem to be varied, between creatures and human-looking opponents.

Some Reddit users took to the comments to voice their concerns about the game, and whether, as a looter game, it would have enough substance, or a lack of endgame content. We still don't have much detail about the game, but the CEO of Counterplay Games, Keith Lee, spoke about it in a PlayStation blog where he said it was a fantasy "ARPG-style" game with a focus on third-person melee combat and offence over defence. It's not yet clear how that will play out, given how the combat in the trailer looked a little slower. It's also been designed with co-op in mind, and can be played with one person, two, or three. We'll update you when we know more.

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