Twelve Days of Christmas 2019 TrueTrophies Stats Round-Up

By Sean Carey,
The Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge has proved popular once again here on TrueTrophies, with many of you joining in on the trophy hunting fun over the Holiday period. The Community Events Team brought us some fun and varied challenges this year such as "Five Gold Trophies" and "Twelve Gamers Spelling" where TT'ers had to spell the words FELIZ NAVIDAD via unlocking trophies.

TT 12 days

We've pulled some stats to see what games you decided to pick, what trophies you unlocked and where some participants dropped out of the challenge. This year saw a total of 553 of the TrueTrophies community sign up to the event and only 146 completing the full twelve days. Much like over on TrueAchievements the drop off of participants was significant after the first challenge, but not as dramatic when comparing TT's first-day drop-off rate to TA's. After the first challenge, it was a gradual decline across the rest of the time period.

12 Days TT Player Count

10 Quickest Gamers to Complete the Challenge

Some of you were pretty quick off the mark to complete the last challenge (Twelve Gamers Spelling) and the Twelve Days of Christmas challenge as a whole. The quickest amongst you was Slayer1189 who managed to complete the challenge in under an hour, clocking in a time of 53 minutes and 27 seconds. In second place came Da-Eastside at 4 hours 10 minutes and 20 seconds, followed by richUK who just slipped in under the five-hour mark with a time of 4 hours 59 minutes and 46 seconds.

PSN ID Time taken to spell FELIZ NAVIDAD
Slayer1189 00:53:27
Da-Eastside 04:10:20
richUK 04:59:46
LucasKell 05:23:52
Soup_of_pants 05:57:12
Nelson-Hellier 06:08:56
LiquidCode 07:39:34
lynden347 07:44:58
vLYCANv 07:50:44
barthorst 08:06:37

Top 10 Games by Number of Trophies Unlocked

The most popular game in terms of trophy unlocks across the challenge was Beyond: Two Souls with 319 unlocks. This is most likely down to Beyond: Two Souls meeting the requirements of several days worth of challenges. It's developed by Quantic Dream, a french developer making it the perfect game for the Three French Devs challenge on day three. All trophies are flagged as "Host-Only," perfect for challenge four, and nearly all trophies are listed as "Secret" for challenge 6. Beyond: Two Souls could have again been used for challenge seven, requiring you to unlock seven single-player bronze trophies. Another Quantic Dream title, Detroit: Become Human, came in second place, largely for similar reasons to Beyond: Two Souls.

Game Count
Beyond: Two Souls 319
Detroit: Become Human 198
Crypt of the Serpent King 193
Marvel's Spider-Man 168
Rayman Legends 164
Life Is Strange 155
Minecraft 153
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered 135
Plague Inc: Evolved 132
Minefield (EU) 131

Most Common Trophy Used for Each Daily Challenge

Challenge Name Trophy Name Count
One TT Cup Of Coffee Trilingual 5
Two Free to Play Take it Easy 17
Three French Devs Telephotogenic 13
Four Selfish Pops Somebody Else? 24
Five Gold Trophies Well done 12
Six Secret Trophies Catch Me if You Can 7
Seven Bronze A Solo Portal Shutdown 7
Eight Redone Actions Trimmed hearts 6
Nine Ladies Shopping Fancy Rims 15
Ten Open Worlders Helper of Cats 7
Eleven Bolts Of Lightning Rocky Mode 21
Twelve Gamers Spelling Zoologist 8

Top 10 Most Commonly Used Trophy

Trophy Name Count
Take it Easy 33
Piece of Cake 31
Confused 31
Somebody Else? 26
Obedience 26
Clean Job 25
Take it Easy 25
Normal Difficulty 24
Rocky Mode 22
Grand Master 21
Congratulations to everyone that completed the True Trophies Twelve Days of Christmas challenge. A total of 48 of you have completed all Xmas events here on TT. We look forward to seeing you again for the next community challenge.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
Hey, I’m Sean! I joined both TrueAchievements and TrueTrophies as a staff writer in 2019. I’m a big fan of the Metal Gear Solid series and love a good narrative adventure. Most evenings you’ll find me failing to get a win in Call of Duty: Warzone.