Potential PS5 Controller Images Leak

By Sean Carey,
Images of the potential PS5 controller have leaked onto the internet for the first time, backing up previous design claims found in a Japanese patent filing, discovered back in November. The images were first shared in a Facebook post that was then picked up by ResetEra.

PS5 Controller Leaked

From the Facebook post, it looks like a cleaner was doing the rounds after-hours and snapped a couple of pictures of the already leaked PS5 devkit and an image of what is believed to be the new controller. The cleaner says in the post, "Yes my job is a cleaner occasionally at U......" while begging, "Please do not share this", hinting that the cleaner could be working at Ubisoft.

Looking at the photo, the controller is strikingly similar to the DualShock 4. The only significant difference that we can see is the touchpad — it seems far more angular than the previous PS4 controller. The new controller is pretty much identical to images shown in a now seemingly deleted Japanese patent office filing, where we can see the angular touchpad. The patent indicates that the lightbar that works with the PSVR is absent, leading to the rumour that it will be incorporated into the controller in a different way. Unfortunately, we can't see the back of the controller in these new leaked images.

PS5 Controller

What we do know about the PS5 pad is that it will feature a USB-C charging port and "adaptive triggers" which offer different levels of resistance, to make firing weapons more realistic. Under the hood, we'll also have haptic feedback which replaces current rumble technology and a larger battery.

In the Facebook post, we can also see more of the v-shaped devkit console that has been leaked previously. It should be important to note that this is just a devkit controller and the final product could look different from what we see here when the PlayStation 5 launches during the Holiday period of 2020.

Source: ResetEra
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