The First Official PS5 Game, Godfall, Unveiled at The Game Awards

By Sam Quirke,
Among the many surprises at The Game Awards 2019 was a little note at the end of an otherwise vague trailer. The honor of being the first announced PlayStation 5 game goes to self-described "looter-slasher" Godfall, from an also self-described "scrappy" indie studio in California. It's coming to PC and PS5 at some point in the holidays in 2020.

The trailer was followed up with a PlayStation Blog post from Counterplay Games CEO Keith Lee, which explains the intent of Godfall in more detail. It's a fantasy "ARPG-style" game with loot-progression, but its focus on third-person melee combat is what makes it a so-called "looter-slasher". Counterplay describes its "singular desire" as a studio to be delivering games that reward high levels of "personal mastery", and Godfall looks to provide that in an experience that is "one-part gear driven and one-part player-skill driven".

The third-person melee combat apparently has a big focus on offense over defense, keeping the action fluid and dynamic. Counterplay aims for "enduring replayability" in Godfall's combat, whether against several enemies or in head-to-head boss encounters. It's designed "from the ground up with co-op in mind". The entire game can be played in solo, as a pair or as a trio. Enemies will apparently respond dynamically to your changing group size to keep the difficulty balanced.

Lee describes the PlayStation 5 as "hugely exciting", but it's unclear what platform the trailer's "in-engine footage" was running on. Given that the game is coming to PC we would have to guess that it's on custom kit to show off the engine at its best. Though the above trailer is PlayStation branded, it's the same footage as found on the publisher's YouTube channel.

That publisher is none other than Gearbox Publishing, a company with a rollercoaster history of runaway success (hello Borderlands) and notorious disappointment (hello Colonial Marines). Here's hoping that Gearbox can help Counterplay Games in the right way. Counterplay lists only one other game on their website, Duelyst – a collectible card game on Steam. Despite flying under the radar, certainly outside of Steam's CCG community, Duelyst received exceptional reviews from PC Gamer and Rock Paper Shotgun – so there's some hope that this scrappy studio can deliver on a complex experience with a lot of polish.

Godfall's release date is currently "Holiday 2020", and is officially coming to PlayStation 5 and PC. Godfall may be coming to PS4 too, given that all of the gifs on the PlayStation Blog are labelled "Godfall on PS4" – as we expect with most launch-period titles, Godfall may make a few compatibility compromises to ensure it can run on both the current and next generation.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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