Ghost of Tsushima: Release Date and Full Trailer Revealed

By Heidi Nicholas,
Good news, Ghost of Tsushima fans! After months of silence, not only do we have a juicy new trailer, but also a release timeframe of Summer 2020.

Given that we haven't had much news on the highly-anticipated Ghost of Tsushima in months, it's only fair that the trailer shown at the Game Awards tonight was the longest in the show: and it gave us a release timeframe of next summer. It was a continuation of the teaser we saw earlier this week, with the Mongol soldiers having attacked a village. They're dragging what looks like a cart of bodies through the woods, when they're stopped by a lone, armoured samurai, named "The Ghost". We get a good look at the combat as the trailer skips through different scenarios; it's clear stealth and subterfuge will be important, as the trailer shows a definite assassination element. Yet we know that the protagonist will also be mastering a new style of fighting, and will presumably, as the last samurai survivor of the Tsushima invasion, be facing off against multiple enemies in situations where it's not possible to be stealthy. It looks as though the combat will be fast-paced and brutal; the samurai kills all the gaurds except one, who he leaves with a message: "Tell him I'm coming". This is presumably a message to the main antagonist of the game, and the leader of the Mongol forces.

Ghost of Tsushima is about the Mongol Empire's invasion of Tsushima in 1274. In the game, the Mongols have killed nearly all of the island's samurai, and Jin Sakai is the lone survivor. Sakai is the player character, and the game is about his quest to learn and master a new style of warfare in order to hunt down the invaders. The trailer again shows off what is sure to be one of the main strenghts of the game; it's gorgeous visuals. It looks as though the in-game world will have a range of different environments, from mountains to fields of wheat and forests of golden trees. It also looks as though a lot of the traversal of this map will be done on horseback. Whether that'll be different horses throughout the game, or whether Sakai will loyally stick to one, as Geralt does for Roach, is yet to be seen. And there's not long to wait: Ghost of Tsushima is out next summer.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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