Resident Evil 2 Gets a New Trophy that Links Story to Upcoming Resident Evil 3

By Sean Carey,
Resident Evil 2

Earlier this week, a new steam achievement was found for Resident Evil 2 that links the story to the newly announced Resident Evil 3. Now our scanners have finally picked up the trophy.

Resident Evil 2Chasing JillThe Chasing Jill trophy in Resident Evil 2 worth 42 pointsRead a letter left behind by Jill.

The single Trophy comes in the way of a DLC pack titled, "Another Survivor" and requires players to read a letter left behind by Jill. The new trophy should arrive in an update, although it's not clear when this update will be coming.

Resident Evil 2 has several letters dotted throughout the game that players can find from other characters. None of these letters though were written by Jill herself, so this new letter is something rather unique. Although we don't know what exactly is in the letter, speculation points to Jill perhaps writing a letter to warn fellow survivors about Nemesis. Resident Evil 3's story spans across both sides of Resident Evil 2. In the original Resident Evil 2, Jill arrives at the police station a day before Leon and Claire. Jill also witnesses Nemesis kill off S.T.A.R.S. member Brad Vickers just outside of the station's entrance.

Where exactly the location of the new letter is a mystery, so it could take some time to find. At least the new addition gives us all a chance to replay through the fantastic remake. At the time of writing, the update hasn't appeared, and we are currently showing no tracked gamers or unlocks on the trophy.

The new trophy comes days after the announcement of Resident Evil 3 remake which is slated for release on April 3 next year and will include the asymmetrical 4 vs 1 co-op experience Resident Evil Resistance, previously titled Project Resistance.

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Written by Sean Carey
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