Double Fine's Greg Rice is Now Sony's Global Head of Indie Accounts

By Heidi Nicholas,
Greg Rice, former Business Development VP for Double Fine studios, has now announced his new role as Global Head of Indie Accounts at Sony, where he'll be looking after developer and publisher indie accounts.

In the comments below, he writes, "Looking forward to being part of the next generation of great PlayStation games!" It seems that both Microsoft and Sony are ramping up their focus for the next generation of consoles. Next year will mark the culmination of this, when the PS5 releases around the same time as Xbox's Project Scarlett. Sony have been having somewhat of a reshuffle in the build up to the next generation; earlier this year, Shawn Layden, Chairman of Worldwide Studios, suddenly left PlayStation without warning or comment on where he was going next. Since then Herman Hulst has taken on the role of the new head of Worldwide Studios, and is now responsible for overseeing all of PlayStation's studios and game development. Hulst moved over from Guerilla Games, the studio behind one of PlayStation's most acclaimed exclusives: Horizon: Zero Dawn. Shuhei Yoshida, meanwhile, has changed focus by leaving his role of president of Worldwide Studios; he, too, like Rice, will be focusing on indie studios. In fact, the two will be working closely together. In the replies, when asked if he would be working with Yoshida, Rice replied that Yoshida was his "#1 partner in crime".

Rice was previously Business Development VP for Double Fine Productions, the team behind popular action-adventure title, Psychonauts. Double Fine have recently headed in the other direction and have been taken under Microsoft's wing. When asked whether Rice's new role would make he and Double Fine's President and CEO Tim Schafer "mortal enemies", Rice joked that he thought it was "more like Romeo and Juliet". It seems that Sony are stepping up the focus on indies, perhaps in answer to Microsoft's increasing focus on its Xbox Game Studios, and on its Xbox Game Pass program. The PS5 and Project Scarlett will be out in Holiday 2020, and, whilst there's still around a year to go, we can hope to see more indications of what Sony are planning for their PS4 successor in the meantime.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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