Puzzle Game Superliminal Announced for PS4

By Heidi Nicholas,
Epic Games and Pillow Castle's Superliminal is a perception-based puzzler with a serious Stanley Parable vibe. It came out for PC earlier this year, and will be heading to PS4 in April 2020.

According to Epic Games' store, this game is all about perspective and optical illusions. Your character fell asleep at 3am with the TV still on, but right before you did, you caught a quick flash of the advert for Dr. Pierce's Somnasculpt Dream Therapy program. You're in this experimental program when you dream, and you have to solve its bizarre puzzles to wake up. The trailer shows how this mind-bending gameplay will work; for instance, picking up small items and moving them so that they look larger will actually increase their size. Depth perception, point of view, and thinking outside the box all look to be very important in Superliminal.

It looks as though Superliminal has a bit of an unnerving undertone. The trailer starts with a message from Dr. Glen Pierce himself, telling you how special you are. "So special", he says, that they "have no idea where you are". A robotic female voice then takes over to inform you that you're "now beyond conventional psycho-spacial limits", and experiencing symptoms of increased "fear, hopelessness and frustration". Dr. Pierce returns to tell you that "you're well beyond dreaming now", and "further out than anyone has ever come back from." But he hopes you won't get discouraged. So that's nice.

Superliminal comes to PS4 in April 2020.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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