Babylon's Fall Gets a New Teaser Trailer

By Heidi Nicholas,
Square Enix and Platinum Games have teamed up for Babylon's Fall, a game which has been pretty much shrouded in mystery since it was teased at E3 last year. We now have another brief look at it, courtesy of PlayStation's latest State of Play.

This is the first trailer to show a real look at combat and gameplay. The previous trailer focused mainly on story and the background of the game. It started with a look at a map showing the Helos Empire, and went on to cover over 500 years of world lore in a timeline of quick, blurry flashes. Starting way back in the in-game timeline, at around CE 5000, the first trailer gave a quick look at the story. CE 5000 was Albenland's era of expansion, and when they first discovered something that looks to be key to the game: the Oversoul. Several years later, the Helos Empire managed to develop weapons to harness the Oversoul, and many years after that, seers managed to use crystallised fragments of the Oversoul to look into the future. They wrote down what they saw as prophecies in the Ephesian Book. Soon, they experienced a vision of, as the first trailer said, "all-consuming darkness".

Decades later, riots began to break out against the ruling elite due to their use of the Oversoul, and the rulers begin to turn against their people until the conflict erupts into a war. Over a hundred years later, the elder gods punish humanity by "unleashing their wrath upon mankind". Soon after, a new goddess, Gaia, was born, with the intent of rescuing humanity from its fate. Gaia created a new world which represented mankind's last chance, and, for a while, there was peace. Hundreds of years later, as faith in Gaia began to wane, a high priest named Darius formed a group known as the Scholars of Gaia, which began to come into conflict with the Helios Order. An outbreak of a disease known as the Soul Plague created further fear, and both orders used this to their advantage, hoping to recruit more to their cause. When the Ephesian Book of prophecies is rediscovered amidst the war waging all around, a seer named Maria creates the New World Academy. Gaia finally turns against mankind on the Day of Judgement. Years later, "deep within the Shrine of Souls, the Nomads are born". The Nomads lead humanity in a strike against humanity, and it seems that this is where the game will actually begin.

Key Art

Confused? Us too. Nor does this new trailer really explain any further, although it does give a better look at combat. However, there's not too long a wait, as Platinum Games and Square Enix will apparently be sharing more information next summer.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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