Ghost of Tsushima Gets a Teaser in PlayStation's State of Play

By Heidi Nicholas,
Update: It's a good day for Ghost of Tsushima news. As community member pointed out in the comments below, Geoff Keighley, host of the Game Awards, has said that the full trailer coming for Ghost of Tsushima later this week will be the longest trailer in the show.

Original story: After months of silence, we've finally got another glimpse of Sucker Punch's massive upcoming game, Ghost of Tsushima, which popped up with a surprise teaser trailer in PlayStation's latest State of Play. The full version of the trailer is planned for the Game Awards later this week on December 12th. The (very) brief teaser for Ghost of Tsushima can be found around the 25:45 minute mark in the video below.

So far in trailers for Ghost of Tsushima, we've got a glimpse of the stunning visuals and animation, whilst a behind-the-scenes video about that trailer has the developers talking about how specifically detailed they wanted their rendition of 13th century Japan to be. This teaser today again shows off a beautiful world, with an autumnal forest scattered with yellow and golden leaves. Another part of the game which is clearly important is the combat. Ghost of Tsushima is about the Mongol Empire's invasion of Tsushima in 1274. In the game, the Mongols have killed nearly all of the island's samurai, except for Jin Sakai. Sakai is the player character, and the game is about his quest to learn and master a new style of warfare in order to hunt down the invaders. One of the only trailers for the game that we've had so far was gameplay-focused, showing off the combat style. It seems we might get another look at the fighting style, as the teaser ends with an armoured, unknown figure — presumably Jin — facing off against a trio of armed soldiers.

The teaser starts with a column of smoke coming up through the trees, before cutting to the group of what looks to be Mongol invaders. We've already had a brief glimpse of the main villain; perhaps the full trailer later this week will also elaborate on the story a little more. We'll be sure to update you as soon as we find out more about Ghost of Tsushima at the Game Awards later this week.
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Written by Heidi Nicholas
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