Concrete Genie Gets Free Holiday Brush Pack Today

By Heidi Nicholas,
Pixelopus's beautiful action-adventure game Concrete Genie is gearing up for the holidays with a little surprise gift from the developers: a free Holiday Brush Pack.

Pixelopus deliver the news in a post on the PlayStation Blog written by Pixelopus's Creative Director Dominic Robilliard, in which they thank players for the fan support and favourable reception the game's got since its launch a few months ago.

When we were making Concrete Genie, we knew that there may have been risk involved in making something with such a personal message, and with uniquely creative gameplay at its heart. It was such an overwhelming surprise to read all the great reviews and see such a wonderful heartfelt response from the PlayStation community. All of us here at Pixelopus are incredibly touched by the support, and particularly those who have reached out to say how much the themes in the game have moved them, or better still, helped them in some way. This was one of our greatest hopes when making the game.
Robilliard goes on to discuss their holiday surprise, saying it's both a holiday treat and a thank you to the fans. "We have a surprise gift for everyone who owns a copy of Concrete Genie", the post reads. "We have built a special Holiday Brush Design Pack, which everyone who owns the game will get for free! It’s the perfect way for us to say thank you for the support, and to help everyone get into the festive spirit." All you need to get the Holiday Brush Pack is to have installed patch 1.06, which in turn needs a PSN account. After downloading the patch (which also comes out today), you'll get a message prompting you to activate the pack, after which you can use them in the game to make whichever holiday or festive scenes you'd like.

Holiday Brush Design Pack

Pixelopus finish their message off with: "We hope you enjoy this holiday gift from us to you, and please keep on sharing all your wonderful masterpieces on Twitter and Instagram!"
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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