Star Ocean First Departure R Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Star Ocean First Departure R Trophy list.

There are 37 trophies, none of which are hidden.

Star Ocean First Departure R

Name Description
The Ocean Is Yours Collect all trophies. icon
Spelunker Defeat Resphina in the Cave of the Seven Stars. icon
Hero of Heroes Defeat Gabriel. icon
Game Within a Game Complete Puffy's game. icon
Sound Off! Unlock all characters in the Voice Gallery. icon
Everything Must Go! Access the Labyrinth of Champions from the Oracle Room and enter the sealed door. icon
Revolutionary Defeat Jie Revorse in Revorse Tower. icon
Timeless Treasure Receive a gift from friends three centuries in the past. icon
Treasure Hunter Defeat the Ancient Guardian in the Old Race Ruins. icon
Gladiator Emerge victorious from the rank A battles in the Arena. icon
Master of Hidden Arts Learn the SFTs for all combat skills. icon
Close Encounters Meet Ronyx and Ilia. icon
The Thing from Outer Space Visit the crash site. icon
What Goes Around Comes Around Help Foster at Mt. Eckdart. icon
Trial by Beast Defeat the Peryton in the Labyrinth of Champions. icon
Demon Slayer Defeat the Succubus in the Treasury. icon
Rabbit Stew Defeat the Jabberwabbit in the Abandoned Mine. icon
Hobbyist Collect all Emblems. icon
An Uncomfortable Truth Discover the truth hidden within the deepest chamber of the Purgatorium. icon
Fallen Hero Defeat Del Argosy in the Demon World. icon
An End to War Defeat Asmodeus in the Space-Time Laboratory. icon
The Prodigal Brother Befriend Cyuss. icon
The Captain We Deserve Befriend Phia. icon
Swordsman of Legend Befriend Ashlay. icon
A Gift from the Heavens Befriend Ioshua. icon
Bewitching Beauty Befriend Mavelle. icon
Wings of Mercy Befriend Erys. icon
Lupine Fists Befriend T'nique. icon
Fascinating Fellpool Befriend Pericci. icon
Our Secret...Weapon? Befriend Welch. icon
The Adventure Continues View the ending in which Ronyx and Ilia become a couple. icon
Latent Talent Awaken any character's talent. icon
Moneybags Purchase the Tri-emblem. icon
Memories Never Fade Unlock all movies in the Movie Gallery. icon
Take Me for a Ride! Obtain the Bunny Whistle. icon
Jack of All Trades Learn all Special Arts. icon
A Trick for Every Occasion Purchase all skill sets. icon
Star Ocean First Departure R is developed by tri-Ace and published by Square Enix.
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